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Four courses from piedmontese tradition

Beverage not included – 40 euros
Three glasses of Malvirà wines – 57 euros




Five courses choice by the chef

Beverage not included – 50 euros
Three glasses of Malvirà wines – 67 euros
Four glasses of Malvirà wines – 72 euros




14 euros

Poached egg • pumpkin • buffalo mozzarella • porcini mushrooms
Hand chopped piedmontese fassona veal tartare • walnuts oil • cheese fondue • Nebbiolo grapes
Vitello tonnato marinated with coffee • traditional sauce
Our “Bagna Cauda” • vegetables • salmon trout
Potato baked in foil • chicory • tartare sauce • taggiasca olives



15 euros

Home made agnolotti “del plin” pasta • meat sauce
Homemade “tajarin” pasta • veal ragù or with butter
Fusilloni • pepper • deer • green aniseed
Carnaroli Risotto • porcini mushrooms • nori seaweed • dashi
Jerusalem artichokes tortello • cod fish • chestnuts



20 euros

Fassona piemontese veal steak • leeks • robiola di Roccaverano cheese
Veal cheek • cabbage • potato mille-feuille
Saddle of venision • blackberries • beetroots s
Eel • calf sweetbreads • turnip tops


La costata di vitello

8 euros/100 g

Bone steak of fassona piemontese veal (min. for 2 person)


Selezione di formaggi

15 euros



8 euros

Pumpkin cake • chocolate pudding • amaretto ice – cream
Hazelnut cake • gianduja mousse • hot eggnog
Cheese cake • figs jam • black tea sorbet
Our Mont Blanc


To the attention of our customers
In our kitchen, we use food that are part of the fourteen main food allergen categories (milk, gluten, egg, peanuts, sesame seeds, soy, shell fruits, celery, senape, sulfur dioxide, lupini beans, molluscs, fish, shellfish). If you are allergic or intolerant to one or more of these elements, please inform us, our maitre will be happy to help you choose your plate accordingly. The fish intended to be eaten raw or partially raw has been submitted to a precleaning treatment in accordance with the regulations CE 853/2004, allegato III, sezione VIII, capitolo 3, lettera D, punto 3. Some products may come from a freezing process such as a blast chiller in our restaurant respecting the enforced law. We serve filtered water and carbonated