A refuge from the noises of the world

In a corner of Piemonte, where the great wines of Alba are born, between the manicured vineyards and the beauty of this land that offers breathtaking views of the hills of Langa and Roero. In this world apart, muffled, refined, attentive to the imprint of time and the attention to detail, with the utmost respect for our guests and their wellbeing , you will find our small Relais. Ten rooms and a restaurant, garden and a swimmingpool, immersed by our daily life but yet happily isolated from everything else.

Enjoying the atmosphere that reigns this land, capable of inspiring serenity and detachment, so far away from the everyday frenzy, where you will find that the simplest pleasures often lurks in the shadows of an elder flower bush, while overlooking the endless sea of vineyards.