…certi SAPORI non dovrebbero finire mai




Four courses from piedmontese tradition

Beverage not included – 40 euros
Three glasses of Malvirà wines – 55 euros




Five courses choice by the chef

Beverage not included – 50 euros
Three glasses of Malvirà wines – 65 euros
Four glasses of Malvirà wines – 70 euros




Cod fish, celeriac cream and caramel of onions
Hand chopped fassona piemontese veal tartare, olives, anchovies and parmesan cheese
“Unusual vitello tonnato” – Marinated and smoked veal meat, traditional sauce, worchestershire sauce and wasabi
Spring in advance
Red and green snails
Glazed frog legs with their stock

14 euros



Home made agnolotti “del plin” pasta, meat sauce
Homemade “tajarin” pasta with veal ragù or with black truffle butter
Carnaroli’s risotto, eel with scented of bergamot
Like “bread and salame”… in stock
Tongue ravioli with red piedmontese sauce

15 euros



Fassona piemontese steak, wine sauce and seasonal vegetables
Braised meat with nebbiolo wine and potato mould
Duck bread cooked with coffee, artichokes and little onion cream
Iridea trout, cabbage and chamomile

20 euros


La costata di vitello

Bone steak of fassona piemontese veal (min. for 2 person)
8 euros/100 g



Crème brulée cinnamon and orange
Chocolate cake with fondant heart
Panna cotta mousse, salted caramel
Hazelnut cake with zabaione
Tirami – su
Home made ice cream and sorbets

7 euros


To the attention of our customers
Some of the dishes and food served at our restaurant may contain substances that cause allergies or intolerances
If you are allergic or intolerant to one or more substances, tell us and we’ll show you the preparations devoid of specific allergens